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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  January 4, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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it is a storagey wednesday. we somewhere live team coverage of your weather right now. r right now.
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some very gusty winds. the wind advisory has expired. here is the radar. a flash flood watch posted for the santa rosa mountains until 7:00 this morning. want to come in closer, though, this is a little bit more extreme.
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here is them radar here. look us like between concord and an tee i don't care. right now, .61 inches an hour. not as much coverage in the south bay, but still a steady flow out here, and be then some changes setting up into the afternoon hours. we're we go for this morning, into the afternoon hours. we should have some more breaks. it won't be completely dry, but no that persistent heavy rainfall like we experienced overnight. alex has an update on the roadways. >> mark, good morning to you, and all of that heavy rain you've just been talk about has led to some roadway flooding in certain areas. a lot of that standing water, and it's created some hazardous driving conditions. i wanted to put the map up here and show you once such area that is really causing some problems for drivers this morning. the chp is reporting they have
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significant flooding 101 southbound at cedar chavez. there's a lot of standing water and a lot hoff folks not really losing control. so be careful if you're driving through that particular area. you can see that traffic is beginning to build, but fortunately, we are not seeing any slowdowns, and no crashes as you come out of that area into con cord and walnut creek. finally, a live look at the bay bridge tomorrow plaza. you can see that the rain is coming down there right now, but the traffic is moving along nicely, as folks head up to the pay gates, and into san francisco. now one of the areas that frequently has problems during winder storms, that would be the santa cruz maintain tans. we know this.
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>> right now it's sort of a mis. we're going to see how this goes throughout the morning. in san jose, we did not see any accidents reported. however, in the santa rosa mountains here, we just saw a report of a free tree down on northbound 17. so we are going to check that out. there's been a lot hoff problems in the santa rosa mountains because of the mud and debris. there was a sizable tree that came down on elpeer grade road. that's because the rain has saturated the hill side there. so emergency crews are
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definitely on alert. there is concern in the area where the loma fire burned 4500 acres last fall. residents worry about mudslides and damage that the rain may cause. last night our crew found a lot of people stocking up on propane, water, and candles, just in case of power outages. right now, pg&e is handle heeling a number of outages. it's affecting about 391 customers in the san jose area, 283 custom next gilroy. back out here live, traffic seems to be okay. of course it is very early right now. i'm not really feeling any rain right now. i can take my hood off. but we're going to continue
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monitor it. 5:016 the time. the storm has bought plenty of rend and rain to the north pay, as well. they have had crews out trying to get areas that have flooded ever since the last big storm, clear out those areas. but clean out the gutters. you can see whence when you don't. here is look at the power outage map across the bay area. you can check the rain and snow up in the sierra anytime with our ktvu weather app. you can find it right there in
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the app store. >> another big story. later today oakland mayor libby chaff is expected to name the city's new police chief. frank, tell us how this will make history in oakland. >> all right. sources telling us that mayor schaff has picked ann kilpatrick to be oakland's new police chief. she become the city's first ever woman's chief in it's near 200-year history. hire heed by the chicago police department last june -- hired by the chicago police department last june. she has been the police chief of three different cities, all up in washington state. the biggest of the three cities, spokane. she was also second in command at sheriff's office and worked for an fbi group studying issues of police discipline. kilpatrick takes over an embattled oakland police department hat has been without
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a permanent chief since last june, when the city went through three chiefs in a week and a half. some of it officers have been embroiled in a sex scandal with a self proclaimed under age prostitute. five have been brought up on charges. the mayor has charged her with rooting out 0 what was known as a macho environment in that department. she reportedly did clash with spokane's police guild over her discipline of her officers. i she will become oakland's 39th police chief, as i mentioned, in it's near 200 he- year history today around noontime. dave, back to you. >> all right, thank you, frank. a news conference is expected today by west valley community college in he saratoga about a pedestrian hit last night by a charter bus on the school's campus. it happened about 5:00 p.m.
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reportedly the bus was on the west end of the campus when the woman was hit in the cross walk. right now we don't know her name or her condition, but, again, we're expecting more details today from west valley community college. >> the golden state warriors are say they will break ground on their new arena in san francisco in two weeks. the chase center will also host concerts and conventions. it will be built in mission pay, not far from at&t park. a new waterfront park is included, that will have restaurants, cafes, and public plazas. the timetable has it scheduled to open in two years. the strike continues for west coast crab fishermen. yesterday riches of 15 ports representing 1,000 boats took part in a conference call to discuss the strike. it started on december 26th when one of their major whole sailers dropped its price from one count of course crabbers from $3 to $2.75 a pound.
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he is one of the most notorious murders in american history. coming up at 5:30, reports that the health of charles manson may be failing. >> also, a showdown over healthcare. up next, we'll have a live report on the steps president obama is taking today to save the affordable care act from being dismantled. plus we're tracking plenty of crashes already this morning around the bay area with the roadways wet for the morning commute. i'll tell you about some issues we're seeing on 880 if the east bay coming up. >> and the weather, some pretty intense downpours overnight, still track something rain in at least the early portion of the commute this morning, san francisco, 134 some charges setting up for the afternoon hours, but get ready, a stronger system will impact your weekend plans.
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here's your receipt. have a nice day! thank you.
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start the car! start the car! start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea an all out battle is take shape on capitol hill in washington over the affordable care act. democrats lid by president obama want to save it. republicans now have the power to dismantlele it. doug is joining us live now from capitol hill with more details. >> reporter: good morning. obamacare is going to get a lot of attention here on capitol hill he today. president obama will be here later today, as will vice
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president elect mike pence, each leading their respective camps in trying to figure out what to do about one 60 in the largest government programs ever implemented. >> reporter: the current and future administration are well represented on capitol hill this morning, divided over obamacare, signed into law almost seven years ago as the cornerstone of president obama's legacy. the president, meeting without outnumbered democrats as they struggle to save the program. >> the president's priority, and the. 's motivation is rooted in looking out for the interests of the 22 million americans whose healthcare would be taken away if republicans repeal the affordable care act. >> reporter: but republicans pledging for years to repeal obamacare are planning to act fast. as the new congress was gaveled in yesterday, paul ryan was once again elected speak of offer of the house, pledging to move forward. >> this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. this is the kind of thing that
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most of us only dreamed about. i know, because i used to dream about this a lot. >> but right out of the gate, be a gop stumble. republican law make irs against ryan's wishes voted to largely defang the congressional office of ethics. the move was quickly seen as an overreach and a misstep. president-elect trump tweeting: a message evidently heard loud and clear as the house republicans quickly backed off. back to you guys. >> meantime, president-elect told is still criticizing the u.s. intelligent community,
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tweeting that a briefing he's supposed to have about the russians interfering the president. election has been delayed now until friday, he added: but officials with the cia  and the fbi said the briefing had always been scheduled for friday. the president-elect has expressed skepticism of the conclusion that the russian government hacked into e-mails linked to the democratic party to try to interfere with the november election. well, chicago former president bill clinton have confirmed they will be attending the upcoming inauguration. former president george w. bush and his wife laura, as well as former president jimmy carter and his wife, rosa lynn, also plan to be there on january 20th. >> the president of the naacp and five other members of the civil rights group were arrested last night in alabama for staging a sit-in protesting the nomination of senator jeff sessions as attorney general.
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the protesters first gathered outside sessions senate office in mobile yet, and told reporters they would occupy his office he until sessions was no longer the nominee or they were arrested. the president of the naacp tweet add selfie inside one of the rooms. there it is. the six were later arrested on trespassing charges. let's get you moving, but also prepare you. rain, wind, wet roads, you're going to be busy, alex savage. >> yeah, i suspect that's going to be the case. we've seen a whole lot lot of crashes already coming in he, be and a lot of them, as i read the descriptions, they are just these single car didn'ts, cars spinning out, losing control, winding up on the side of the roads. tie want to tell you about a couple of accidents that could impact your drive along 880 in the east bay. two crashes in the southbound direction. one of them is in san leandro
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at marina boulevard. stunt seem to be causing a huge backup just yet, but could be an issue. the second crash at industrial parkway. that would be down in the hayward area, and you can see there is a bit of a backup building there, just about back up to highway 92, and in that particular case, a car wound up on the center divide, and the two fast lanes are blocked right now for that investigation. so be aware, as you head out the door early on this wednesday morning. now let me take you outside. i'll show you a live picture from our emeryville camera. you can see the roadways are wet, and that's why we are seeing as many crashes as we have so far this morning, but the traffic is moving along pretty nicely around the mcarthur maze. down in the south bay, there's the story. 280 in san jose is moving along, still very nicely. we're not showing any major crashes or incidents in the san
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jose area. we will hope that it stays that way. 5:19 is the time. mark is here now with how much more rain we can expect throughout the morning. mark, good morning. >> good morning. yeah, it's going to be busy between now and 8:00 this morning. some changes setting up later in the day for your wednesday. th it has been a pretty intense storm system, as you know. probably woke you fun the middle of the night, not only with the rainfall, but the strong gusty winds. we do have this, an urban and small dream flood advisory this will 5:45 this morning. a flash flood watch is posted for the santa rosa mountains this morning. you can see that's a flash flood warning in place until 6:45. look at that benlomand rainfall total. over six inches of rain. so a rapid rise in the creeks and rivers. that is a concern right now. also this, the area shaded in red, that's a flash flood
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warning, as well. so that flash flood warning is 234 place until 7 -- is in place until 7:45 this morning. let's show you some of the storm reports out there, so you can see some intend storm reports scattered around portions of the bay area. come in closer, we'll click on a couple of these to show you, at least reports of some flooding. two feet of water in the road near heather and oak circle. the road has been temporarily closed. that was from last night. we'll have to see if that is actually still closed tout there. but still wide spread reports at least minor flooding and also some wind reports, as well. there is the coverage on the radar. the north beginning to back off a little bit, as we shift the maps, close to san francisco and oakland, not as much coverage there, but as we come in closer here toward portions of the east pay, there you can see closer to hayward and union city, dublin, and pleasanton, so we do have downpours for this portion of the region. the south bay, not as much
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coverage, but around san mateo and redwood city, still have some rainfall nearby. here is the bigger picture out here in the pacific. what is key here is what we call an atmospheric river. you see the clouds condense in this one year, being focused toward this bay area. it's set up yesterday, and it will set up again this weekend. this weekend could be even more than intense. potential rainfall could be 2 to 6 inches for the coastalle hills. so that will will be a serious flood concern as the water continues to build up. still some scattered rain showers in san francisco this morning, and then into the afternoon hours. we scale back on the coverage, and the probability. can't guarantee a completely dry forecast, but still a chance of some showers later on today. in fact, here is our forecast model right now, 5:00 al, and then 7:00, still some rain out there. but then some more breaks in the action. 9:00, and then into the afternoon hours by 2:00 and by 4:00, men and tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, should be dry, with maybe a slight chance of a sprinkle tomorrow morning.
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but here is the next weather setups. of course we're already dealing wet the rainfall right now, but look at what sets up this weekend. that will be a significant rain event as we head towards saturday into sunday. temperatures for this afternoon, mainly in the upper 50s, so not a big story there, but the rainfall will continue to be. be extra careful on the roads this morning, a lot of standing water out there, and that one this weekend could be a big deal. typically we talk about a one- day rain event. this could be a two-day rain event, so especially by sunday, we could see some more added problems. >> and steady. >> yeah, not only the rain, but the wind. >> time is 5:22. all right. it's a go-to cab company for feel in while chairs, but that may be chasing. up next, the owner of luxor cans tells us why he may have to reduce that service.
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luxor is the company that many disabled people dedepend upon for taxi service, because it has vans with ramps that are wheelchair accessible. >> the cost to operate it is about five times as much as a regular sedan. >> this is scary. this isn't just, okay, well be, now you have a ride make some other way. this means people may really be struck and stranded.
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>> lazar said it puts a strain on taxi cab companies. however, the ride share companies don't have large wheelchair equipped fleets. there's a controversy right now at a peninsula apartment complex over a basketball hoop. diana espy no is a bought the -- espinosa bought the hoop he foss her two sons -- for her two sons, but has received a letter from the apartment management company saying don't put the basketball hoop out there for now. for now, they stay indoors and shoot hoop has on video games. >> we can't keep kids indoors. kids have to go outside and play. i'm tired of it. if i get evicted, i'll find a way to live. >> she said she checked her lease, and there's nothing it in preventing the use of that back hoop. she has reached out to a lawyer
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now. that complex is owned by the san mateo community college district. they say they plan to reach out to miss espinosa in a couple of days. >> a nail salon in the east bay is doing more than giving women a fresh look. >> if we can effect a change in a mother's life, then we can effect a change in the family's life. >> we'll tell you the other help customers can get there to become independent. >> and we are looking at reports of some hydro plaining cars out here on 101. the wet weather has created a lot of problems for emergency crews, and a dangerous commute for area drive arers. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine,
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and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community
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and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. we're turning our attention to the weekend with a strong system being directed to the bay area. you probably heard the rainfall overnight and the wind, as well. that was a pretty strong system moving in. look at those numbers adding up
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quickly. santa rosa over two inches. oakland .94, san jose not as much, a quarter of an inch. wind advisory has expired, but verified. you can see winds gusting to over 50 miles an hour. san francisco 42 miles an hour. we'll come in closer, this is a little more extreme. this is a flash flood warning. look at hat ben lomand rainfall together, 6 inches over the last 24 hours.
5:32 am
here is the big picture the pacific. here is the moisture tap sets up. we are talk about a stronger storm. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. alex is standing by with an update on the roadways. >> yes, a lot of spin out and single car crashes. thankful through, none of these crashes have been all that serious. we haven't seen any huge backups. that he probably because we haven't seen the traffic volume really pick up intensity here. but that's going to happen soon. so we do not want any more of these rashes throughout the morning commute. here is live look at the bay bridge tomorrow plaza. that is already starting to clear up here as we head
5:33 am
towards 5:30. now we'll show you a live look at highway 4, and we are seeing that more and more people are hopping on the road heading out of antioch and pittsburgh, heading west on highway 4. the good newss is, not showing any crashes in that particular area. you want to be aware of here, this is a crash at bancroft road, and the police department there is urging people to avoid this area if they can that is obviously a major thoroughfare and walnut creek a good area to try to avoid this morning, as police investigate a crash there. now, of course, wet reading
5:34 am
creating challenges for drives in san francisco, the weather has contributed to several crashes in the city this morning. and you are seeing some flooding in one area? >> reporter: yes, we came out here because we heard reports of some cars hydro plaining. there was about a 150-foot long flood area. at the base of the exit here. but luckily, caltrans came over pretty quickly and drained it out. so we're seeing cars go through right now, and doesn't look like any splash back at all, so we're cleared out for now. law enforcement was plagued with several accidents in and around the city this morning, out on highway 280, there was a multiple car crash right before
5:35 am
the northbound caesar chavez exit. back out here on highway 101. you can see the commute is looking a lot better, now that cal tran came out here and -- i would call it a buddlele, but it was a lot bigger than that. it was 150 feet in length.
5:36 am
the sierra is getting slammed with snow be, causing dangerous condition forks drivers. chains are required on both interstate 50 this morning. several feet of snow has already fallen. we could see four to five feet of new snow on the high hest peaks by sunday. about two to three feet of snow at the 5,000 foot elevation, which is below lake level. all of this snow welcome news to the resorts, and to he water
5:37 am
supply, as we all try to recover from years of drought. yesterday, the state water resources department took it's first snow survey of the year, and found the water contents about half of normal, but that's pretty good news, because a week ago, the ground was pretty much bear. about 30% of california's water supply does come from the sierra snow pack. >> there was a few patches of snow, and most of this snow that we measured today came down if in the last couple of days, and is continuing to come down. >> acarding to the u.s. drought monitor, as of last week, 58% of california was classified as being in a severe drought, which is down from 88% a year ago. >> well, the bay area isn't the only place where bad weather is causing problems now. tornadoes in georgia, alabama, and mississippi, have killed at least six people. more than a thousand homes have been damaged by the high winds, chevy rain, and falling trees. a sheriff in georgia says his county has been really hit
5:38 am
hard. he is thankful the only damage is to property. >> of course shingles pulled up on roofs. we have trees on fences. we have fences down around pools. we have trees on houses, but those things emergenciable. >> yeah. meantime, heavy snow is causing problems in the midwest. in wisconsin, a teenage girl was killed while driving on an icy road and then crashing her car, and then two school buses slid off the roads out there. luckily, no one was seriously hurt in those incidents. there are several reports that charles manson is in a bakersfield hospital this morning. state prison officials won't confirm or deny the reports, but say the 82-year-old manson is still alive. tmz and the los angeles he times say manson was taken from the prison to a hospital 65 miles away for an undisclose heed medical problem. he has been in prison since 1971 for planning the killings of actress sharon tate and six other people near los angeles.
5:39 am
the murders were carried out by member offers the manson family. manson has been denied parole 12 times, and his next parole hearing won't happen for another 10 years. >> opening statements in the garcia trial are set to take place in two weeks. torres is accused of kidnap asking killing sierra lamar, a teen ager who vanished on her way to school five years ago. her body has never been found, but prosecutors say dna evidence linked for toes her, but the defense is going to try to prove that lamar ran away from home. police in livermore are investigating several burglaries targeting homes for sale. they have been stealing the keys, and then using the keys to get inside. police say since december, there have been nine burglaries at unoccupied or exchanged homes. >> they are stealing mostly check tropics, like tvs, some
5:40 am
stereo equipment, appliances, and even things as little as home decor. >> >> real estate agents are taking extra precautions to protect the homes they're selling. instead of using a lockbox, now they are showing homes by appointment only, and asking neighbors to keep an eye out for anything suspicious. livermore police say in some cases they've been things and also discarded -- finger prints and also discarded cigarette butts. anthony lynn was thes running back back in the mid- 1990s. he is expected to interview with the 49ers told for the head coaching job. the ceo, jed york, is leading up the search. he is expected to talk to two green bay packers exhibitives about the general manager position tomorrow. york has a long list of candidates for both opening. there are reports that the raiders rookie quarterback conner cook will start for the raiders this saturday in the
5:41 am
afc wildcard game against the houston texans, and he will be the fifth nfl quarter back to make his first career start in a playoff game. he did see action sunday against the denver broncos, after matt mcgloin was taken out with a should arer injury, and he was in for derek carr. >> boy, a rough time now. 5:41 is the time you. reports that oakland has chosen a new police chief. and coming up at 6:00, what we know about the woman set to take the top job. >> plus the throwing manhunt in turkey after the deadly new year's eve nightclub attack there. up next, the five people police already have in custody. plus lots of spinouts and roadway flooding around the bay area, as we are set for a very wet morning commute. we'll tell you about some of the problems we're tracking this morning, include something issues along 880 that you're
5:42 am
going to want to be aware of. >> and we did have some intense downpours across portions of the bay area overnight. things beginning to back off a little bit out there. that trend will continue into the afternoon. coming up, we're talking about a stronger system that will he move in for the entire weekend. how much rainfall you can expect in your neighborhood coming up. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today.
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we'your most extraordinarybut withmoments happenses when you feel small. when you're completely outnumbered,
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overshadowed, and outshined. so what if you dared to explore this great big beautiful pond. what if you dared to feel small. celebrate our princess anniversary sale with award winning itineraries. 7 day fares from $799. visit your travel agent or princess cruises. come back new. today, a community jobs and housing forum is scheduled in
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oakland after last month's deadly warehouse fire. topics will include the growing home's populations, evictions, and unemployment. this all starts at 5:00 tonight. it will be at oakland city council chambers. meantime, san francisco firefighters are speaking out to the art community after the deadly oakland warehouse fire. firefighters wanted people to know what they can do to stay safe. now, look at his. the department passed out free smoke alarms. >> it is available to anyone in san francisco who wants to have a fire prevention demonstration to their group, to their
5:46 am
business, or to a resident, be if it so needs to be. >> they plan to put the presentation on line so anyone can have axis to the possibly live-saving tips. >> well, traffic is running normally this morning on the golden gate bridge after crews had to repair that broken piece of the moveable median. the district believes it was caused by a passing car monday afternoon. again, it is fixed. back in operation. they can move that median barrier, and i know they were talking about how many serious accidents that barrier has prevented, which has been great news.
5:47 am
we have a pair of crashes that really could go slow you down no matter what direction you're going. southbound 880 at industrial parkway, there is a pretty serious crash that the chp is working on. it's a car that went up on the center divide president at last check, they had the two fast lanes blocked there, and you can see the buildup now on the traffic. northbound 880 at thornton, also another crash, and a couple of lanes blocked. it sounds like the two left lanes mae still be blocked in that area, and we may start to see a backup there as well.
5:48 am
here is live look at the san mateo bridge. this isn't do too bad of a ride. we are aren't seeing slowdowns of any kind as you hid across the span and over towards the been insue la. now here is mark with how much more rain we can expect throughout the morning commute. >> still some rainfall expected between about now and 8:00, but things will gradually taper off, and thankfulfully, because we need a break out there, pretty intense overnight. here you can't see on live storm tracker 2. the rainfall there pushing across the bay area. look at that ben lomand rainfall total, over 6 inches of rain in the last 24 hours, and the north pay, we still have this. this is a flash flood warning
5:49 am
until 7:45 this morning he out toward closer to this area, targeting the coldon creek, a raped rise in that creek with the rainfall. there is the latest on the radar. pushing the map closer to the east pay, here we go out towards portions of livermore right now up. still some pretty good downpours out to the east bay. this is a quick click on that, that is showing you a rainfall rate of nearly 2.4 inches an hour.
5:50 am
for san francisco, still. >> scattered showers, and may be some more breaks in the action, so a chance to step outside this afternoon, 4:00, 54 degrees, wrapping up the afternoon hours. so here we their the short term, and then 8:00, the coverage backs off a little bit. possibly some more breaks in the activity at 2:00, and then into tonight, still some scattered showers out there. tomorrow morning, just starting out with some scattered clouds.
5:51 am
this could be a flood concern for are the region this weekend, so watch out for that. a look ahead, your five-day forecast, that rain cloud today. we get a chance to dry out a little bit thursday and friday, and then into the weekend, more rain. it will be heavy at times. i think a conservative estimate would be 2 to 4 inches, maybe 6 inches for the coastal hills. so if you thought that last night's system was strong, this one will ratchet up a few levels in intensity. 5:51 is the time. believe it or not, rents are going down. down in parts of the bay area! up next, we'll tell you which city saw the biggest drop in
5:52 am
price compared to a year ago.
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5:54 am
welcome back. after years of rest rines, rents in? parts of the bay area appear to have lit a little plateau. they may be less than they were last year. cities seeing a slight drop in rents include san francisco,
5:55 am
which is still pretty expensive. the median cost of a two bedroom apartment in san francisco, now $4,500, but that's down 2.5% from last year. in san jose, rents also fell about 1% to $2,550 for a two- bedroom apartment. rent also went down in other sillily con valley cities, but they are still going up, believe it or not, in oakland, concord, and daly city. at delay in the golden gate ferry taking over the commuter service between san francisco and tib eron. it is currently run by the gold and blue fleet, but it said costs were getting too high and approached golden gate to run those operations. two target dates have come and gone. they said they won't leave commuters without a way to get to work and back. they will continue to pride service until a new deal is reached. that deal also has to be be approved by the land owner and
5:56 am
the state public youths commission. >> time is 5:56, a very unique program at a san leandro nail salon is offering a helping hand in a lot of ways to single mothers who want a fresh start. it's owned by delane simms. she is turning her business in a way to 0 help the community. most of the workers there are single, or young mothers, who see the mail salon as a golden chance to enter the work force. >> if we can effect a change north's life, then we can expect a change in the families live and affect the trajectory of the whole future of that family. >> you can see donated clothing and shoes are put there in the lobby of the nail salon for anybody who wants to clean up for an appointment or a job interview. that nail salon helps women get
5:57 am
their manicure license, and also provides parenting classes. >> we could all use parenting classes, right? he we're always learning. >> yeah. >> we're coming up in our 6:00 hour. there's car crashes, power outages, downed trees. we are following the problems caused by the rain, and we'll tell you why the victims of last year's loma fire are especially unhigh alert. >> and we have seen whole lot of crashes around the bay area this morning because of those wet conditions that we're seeing. we'll tell you about some problems we're tracking in the east bay along 880 coming up. and the radar still very active this morning. that's after that pretty intense system moved in last night into this morning. a little he bit of a break, though, setting up later on today, and then we're already tracking a much stronger system that will move in for the weekend.
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5:59 am
oakland's mayor is about to introduce it new police chief.
6:00 am
why this pick is a history maker for the city. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. we are looking live across oakland this morning, where you can see a lot of cloud cover. it's not raining right now in oakland, but, boy, overnight, the rain caused a lot of problems the winds were also pretty bad. you probably heard them. i certainly did while i slept. they knocked did down the trees, caused power outages. right now, main people around the bay area are still without power, and that storm moving in, sounds like we're going to get a little bit of a break, and then another big storm coming in. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. we have live team coverage of the


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